Towards community: 

  • Contribution to road development- As per requirement we contribute to broken road repairing & construction, culvert making &sewerage system maintenance of the locality.
  • Donation for religious institutions- We contribute to religious activities also. Donation to several Mosque &Madrashah within and outside of BSCIC industrial area is a common practice of Fakir Apparels Limited.
  • Provides pure drinking water- Facility provides the support of taking pure & fresh drinking water to the local community.
  • Blood donation- Employees of our facility donate blood through HR team as required for locality, suppliers & vendors.
  • Sponsoring national events & government agencies- Fakir Apparels Limited sponsors various national programs & government agencies such as national productivity day, Bangladesh Police etc.
  • Support towards the victims- We provide support regarding food & clothes to the natural disaster affected people.

 Within the organization:

  • Providing dairy milk- Facility provides fresh milk for its employee at a reasonable cost from its own firm twice in a week.
  • Seasonal fruits & vegetable sale- Seasonal fruits & vegetables are provided to the employees at a cheap rate.
  • Meet & sweet distribution- We distribute meet & sweets among the employees on various occasion such as the Holy Eid- Ul- Adha&PohelaBoishak (first day of Bangla Year).
  • Zakat fund- Facility annually distributes zakat money among its employees who deserved the amount.
  • Reserved fund- Employees can get financial help from the reserved fund based upon priority (educational, treatment etc purpose).
  • Reproductive health care- We provide the reproductive health related service including counseling, training & ingredients to our interested employees at a free of cost.
  • Dress distribution- We provide dresses to the children of our child care center at free of cost.
  • Interest free loan- Provided to the staffs on the basis of need as per company policy.
  • Professional training- Skill up gradation training is provided to the employees through the training school. Besides this, supervisors & above positioned employees are getting various skill related & other professional training on a regular basis.
  • Annual festival- We arranged annual festival program for all our employees.
  • Project involvement- We are engaged with vivid projects in order to implementing some additional values beyond the country law.