FAKIR TEXWEAR, is a garment manufacturing facility being set up with the vision of it being a state of the art facility. Latest manufacturing systems and machines are being utilized to achieve higher productivity as to satisfy customer’s quality requirements.

Fakir Texwear is exclusively designed to manufacture garments from basic knitwear to Fleece Jackets. Sewing lines are designed with higher flexibility to handle different machine lay-outs as to the demand of rapid style changes.

All manufacturing processes like cutting and finishing will be accommodated in the same building to make the manufacturing processes more efficient. Automation will be given priority wherever possible. LEAN techniques and Kaizen activities will be deployed at Fakir Texwear so as to ensure optimum productivity.

Fakir Texwear has a production capacity of 12.5 million pieces of fleece Jackets per annum or equivalent of other product mix.

In line with the vision of being state of the art garment manufacturing facility, Fakir Texwear is expected to obtain the LEED certification before commencing operations. It will be the masterpiece of “Fakir Apparels” family with a greener environment surrounding it and with all the safety measures in-built to protect all shareholders.

Our service

Located only an hour and a half away from the international airport Dhaka, FAL is set up to meet your requirements of a quality manufacturing of knit garments of all categories like casual, active wear and basics in menswear and womenswear.