Environment Management Systems

Truly believing in environmental sustainability and aligned with vision, Fakir Apparels Ltd. is committed to environmental leadership in all of its business activities. Policies are implemented to ensure safe and healthy workplace for our employees. Protection of the environment, conservation of energy and natural resources are our priority – with these policies in place, we are committed to a future environment promoting the health and well-being of the upcoming generations.

In order to meet all the environmental compliance standards of the RMG industry, an EMS (Environment Management System) has been established at FALThe monitoring body has been formed with the goal of ensuring that our working policies and decisions are focused not only towards the protection of the environment but also towards minimization of waste and optimum resource consumption.


Areas of Focus

  • Chemical Management Requirements
    • Buyers’ COC
    • Local Law
  • Practices at Fakir Apparels Limited

Policy & Commitment

  • As per buyers requirements, suppliers must have a policy for monitoring and controlling restricted substances, and trained staff on how to implement these policies.
  • As per ZDHC guideline (Section-1), the organization should have written chemical management policy statements from senior management with indication of where the CMS is applicable.
  • As per ILO Chemical Convention-170, Bangladesh Law, all chemical substances have to be purchased, handled, stored, used and disposed in a way that has minimum risk and less adverse effect on the environment.

Commitment of FAL

    • FAL maintains a monthly updated CIL as per buyer MRSL and communicate all MRSL & RSL with its suppliers and collect declaration letter as per buyer MRSL & RSL.
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