Industrial Engineering

FAL established the Industrial Engineering Department right from the inception of its operations. Efficiency of all production departments are closely monitored and remedial actions are being taken by Industrial Engineers exclusively trained for garment production.

IE department uses the software “RunStyle-Pro” which handles many IE functions like establishing SMV, preparation of Operation Bulletins with Line Balancing, maintaining Operator Skill Matrix, Calculating Machine Requirements and preparing style change schedules. The system improves the efficiency of the IE department to provide a better service to the production units.

Forecasting the future requirements of the company, IE department has started working on “Work Simplification” activities and implementing “KAIZEN – Low cost common sense approach” as a tool to receive participation from employees and the progress is commendable.

IT Infrastructure

Keeping in step with the technological advancements globally, Fakir Apparels has fashioned its Information Systems (IS). Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Fast React Planning system, Fabric Roll system etc are all employed to enhance our performance and productivity.

ERP system cuts across the different functional units of our organization. Merchandising, Production, Textile, Inventory, Supply chain management etc. are fully interconnected via ERP system. At any moment, any of our stakeholders can get their order’s real-time information from across the globe.

Our Human Resource Management module of ERP provides extensive support to all the employees by getting online access of leave, loan or payment related issues from their ICT gadgets.

Fast React -World renowned software development company, is working for ensuring proper execution of all the buyer’s order. This system supports our planning department by providing realistic production capacity as it is integrated with our ERP.

Our Textile Department utilizes a roll-based label system of famous Swiss company - Norsel AG for efficient fabric management.