The Lab

Lab- An independent laboratory in the factory premises plays a critical role in ensuring high quality in every stage of the production process. Our Laboratory delivers this high quality requirement through two independent laboratories equipped with cutting edge technology and expertise.

Physical Testing Lab


Ensuring yarn quality is crucial in the quality control process; we do this by validating yarn count, twist, CSP, evenness before it enters knitting production stage. At the fabric and garment stage we do dimensional stability test to ensure the fabric shrinkage and twisting is within customer standard requirement after washing. Additionally we do colour fastness, pilling, gsm, bursting strength, button pull tests and other tests at various stages for product physical quality control.

Chemical Testing Lab


Chemical testing is a crucial part of quality control in terms of providing accurate colour recipe for fabric dyeing process and the detection and elimination of restrictive substance from the total supply chain. These are tests like formaldehyde, pH, PVC, Azo, Phthalate, Chlorinated phenol, Organotin, Nickel, Lead, Cadmium, Chromium and other heavy metals.+

Our service

Located only an hour and a half away from the international airport Dhaka, FAL is set up to meet your requirements of a quality manufacturing of knit garments of all categories like casual, active wear and basics in menswear and womenswear.