Our Knits business value stands at USD $124 Million. Our valued customers are H&M, Primark. C&A, Espirit, S. Oliver, POP, O’Neil, Gerry Weber, Marc’O Polo, Mango, Arket, &Other Stories and COS.

Our product segment comprises of 60% womenswear, 20% children and 20% Menswear. Core products areSweats Shirts & Pants, Hoodies, Joggers, Leggings, T-Shirts, Polo Shirt, Shorts, tank tops, rompers, skirts and dresses.

Our core fabrics are, Fleece, Terry, Jersey Elastane, Cotton Jerseys, Polyester Jersey and Various Cotton, Viscose & Modal blends.

Total number of circular knitting machines: 117
Flat-bed Knitting Machine: 10



10,000 kg/day

Rib/ Interlock

5,000 kg/day

Engineering Stripe

1,000 kg/day

S/J, Lycra S/J, Pique, Lacoste, variations

14,000 kg/day


30,000 kg/day


Our 45 tons per day Finished fabric capability is unparalleled in the industry. We are the market leaders in Fleece, Terry, Ribs and blended fabrics. Equipped with European, Japanese and Taiwanese knit machines that are configured to manufacture customer specific fabrics, like Auto-stripe, Pique, Ribs and various other blends.

The dyeing plant is equipped with 3rd generation water efficient dyeing machines from Greece. Our machines are linked and controlled by Sedomaster which is a cutting edge software solution that controls recipe and wet processes through our ERP, a key factor for assuring finished fabric quality.

Through a joint project with Sweden based organization Sweden Textile Water Initiative we have benchmarked and reduced our water consumption in our wet process and utility by 67%. A project that has now been extended to various other organizations in Bangladesh .


The washing plant caters to our Knits and woven garment with a capacity of 26000 units per day. Our capabilities ranges are Garments silicon wash, Garments Enzyme wash, Garments Burnout wash, Indigo Garments Heavy wash, Garments Crinkle wash, Garments pigment dyeing, Garments neon dyeing, Garments Cool pigment dyeing, Garments Direct dyeing & acid wash, Garment Deep Dye etc.


The wastewater generated in our operations is treated through our Bio ETP Plant which is certified Green ETP by approved by H&M to treat wastewater. ETP & WTP were situated in the open places of the factory premises to continuously eliminate hazardous chemicals from our wastewater.


Our sewing plants conduct the most critical garment assembly operations from cut to pack. Equipped with cutting edge industrial planning software FASTREACT, our cut to pack operations are meticulously planned for our 139 sewing lines through FASTREACT that is integrated with our ERP. Fakir Apparels is the first factory in Bangladesh to introduce One piece flow conveyor belt system which is a lean concept implemented through mechanical conveyor belt that is configured to the garment SAM. Our quest for continuous improvement has enabled us to adopt new technologies in every part of our operations.


Printing department has a capacity of 1,30,000 units per day. Our key capabilities are Pigment print, Rubber print, Foil print, Flock print, Puff print, Metallic Print, High density print, Discharge print, Glitter print, Silicon print and Photo print. Our Embroidery unit has a capacity of 18,000 units/day specializing in Flat Embroidery, color sequins embroidery and spatially 6 color chenille embroidery.