Human Resource Department works for attracting, developing and maintaining a talented and energetic workforce to achieve vision, mission, objectives as strategies deployed by Fakir Apparels Ltd. We consider HRM to be a business partner instead of a business process at FAL and we perceive people as our biggest asset that drives our growth and development through their own.



  • Management Committee
  • Appraisal Committee
  • Worker Participation Committee

It includes typical HR components i.e. hiring, discipline, payroll, and also involves working with employees in a collaborative manner to boost retention, improve the quality of work experience, and maximize the mutual benefit of employment. Strategic HR Goals: Goal-1: Organize effective Human Resources Policies and Procedures for Fakir Apparels Ltd. Goal-2: Follow Competency Based Recruitment Process in all designation level. Goal-3:  Implement Learning Management System (LMS) and address training plan as part of career mapping for FAL employees that will enable them to achieve their ultimate career goals and improve leadership competency at all level. Goal-4: Motivate & retention of talented & innovative employees Goal-5: Architect Human Resources Information System (HRIS) THE CORPORATE HR PRACTICES The HR Practice works to enhance the people effectiveness.  The HR Team actively keep abreast of new developments in the HR sphere, and partner with a strong network in order to innovate and apply the best possible solutions for Fakir Apparels Limited and its society through:

  • Recruitment: Competency Based Recruitment
  • Career planning: Career planning for Worker and Staff
  • Learning and Training: Skill Based Learning and Training for all levels of employee.
  • KPI: Individual KPI aligned with Dept. Goal and Company goal
  • Performance Appraisal: KPI based performance appraisal for management staff
  • KSA: KSA based appraisal for non-management staff
  • Succession: Right succession planning for each key position.
  • Wages: Working on living wages a fair wages
  • ERP: Cutting Edge ERP and HRIS system


  • Fair labor management practice
  • Analyzing Problem
  • Co-operating others
  • Training the manpower
  • Obeying rules and regulation of the company
  • Retaining employee
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Ensuring safety
  • Staying secured


  • Mobile Phone Policy
  • Canteen Policy
  • Festival Bonus Policy
  • KPI Based Performance Appraisal Policy
  • Promotion Policy
  • Approval of LFA (Leave fare Assistance) Policy
  • Uniform Policy
  • Staff Loan Policy
  • Car Scheme
  • Separation Policy with Benefit
  • Iftar at Ramadan
  • Discounted price of foods i.e. milk, egg, vegetables, fruit, chicken etc.
  • Hajj Facility


Career planning is designed to assist in becoming more knowledgeable about your needs, values, and personal goals. This knowledge can be achieved through a three step, self-assessment process of identify and organize your skills, interests, work related needs, and values.


The purpose of training & development activities of employees in Fakir Apparels Limited is to meet organizational objectives by providing various training & learning programs for the employees to enhance participant’s competence (Knowledge, skill, and attitude) and career development. It supports implementation of FAL’s Talent Management Strategy.

SKILL DEVELOPMENT CENTER (SDC): Fakir Apparels Limited established the Skill Development Center to formulate and implement program aimed at providing necessary knowledge & skill inputs to all level of sewing machine operators with the object to upgrade their competency level according to the NTVQF (National Technical & Vocational Qualification Framework) Level-1 as well as fulfilling industry need (Multi-Skill Operator) and others.



Succession Management Programme Succession Planning is a deliberate and systematic effort by Fakir Apparels Limited to ensure leadership continuity in key positions, retain and develop intellectual and knowledge capital for the future, and encourage individual advancement.

Management Trainee (MT) Programme:  Management Trainees are young members of staff who is being trained after graduation or post graduation from renowned Universities or Institutions to be a manager at Fakir Apparels Limited. As Fakir Apparels Limited treated its employee as human capital of the business, a programme has designed for Entry Level of Management Staff basing on Trainee positions of different departments. Main goal of this programme is to create committed, result oriented, and self motivated future successor . Factory Improvement Training (FIT) Programme on Industrial & Production Engineering Training is inaugurated on 09 February 2017 for 30 factory management and the production floor staff (floor supervisor, production manager, general manager, etc.) and 120 Workers. This programme focuses on following issues:

  • Production & Productivity
  • Capacity Define & Planning
  • Process Selection, Plan & Analysis
  • Facility Layout & Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Work Study
  • PMTS
  • Waste Management

Female Supervisor Development Programme (FSDP) The Female Supervisor Development Program (FSDP) is to be used by the internal certified trainers of multi-skill female operator, Quality Inspectors, or newly promoted trainee supervisors. The program will guide the trainer and participant supervisor through an on-the-job training experience in the skills, knowledge and attitudes required of supervisors performing specific assignments. TOT in Different levels In order to create in-house facilitators in different cross-functional areas, and operation effectively of Management Trainee (MT), Internship, Production Staff Development Training (PSDT) and Cross-functional Programme Fakir Apparel Limited organized 2 batches of Training for Trainers Programme on 30-31 July & 01 August 2016 and 20-22 August 2016. At last 26 participants became certified out of 32.


ANNUAL PICNIC Annual picnic was held on 25 March 2017 at Green View with Supervisors to Assistant Manager Positions of Fakir Apparels Limited. Total 1550 participants participated in this event. Cultural festival, Employee of the Year, Raffle Draw was the significant event of this Programme. 

FASHION SHOW is an event put on by a fashion designer to showcase their upcoming line of clothing during a particular of Time. Fashion shows debut every season, particularly the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. This is where the latest fashion trends are made. Fakir Design Studio often arranges fashion show for its ned design & development.

Goals and Objectives

The sustainability team of Fakir Apparels Ltd. ensures that there is no violation of CoC/CoE and the clauses of the Law of the Land throughout the organization. It aims to adopt sustainable systems, capacity, infrastructure, environment & society by monitoring and acting on data to evaluate risk & the overall supply chain to ensure long term profitability for all stakeholders.
To achieve the target sustainability goals, the team focuses and aligns the team accordingly and promotes approaching these goals proactively. The team believes in sustainability driven business performance that spreads beyond compliance right down to the supply chain. All activities are performed by compliance team – this reflects the commitment of the top management to ensure global ethical standards are fulfilled and exceeded in business & trade.

Certification & Standards

Currently FAL is certified by BSCI, WRAP, GOTS, OCS , OEKO-TEX, ISO 14001:2015 & 18001 : 2007. We also aim to implement SA 8000.

Higg Index – Self-assessment system of H&M which indicates the compliance progress status of the facility against a set of questionnaires.

Accord Alliance-compliant

Joint Collaborations

  • Better Work Bangladesh: Better work is a partnership programme between the ILO and IFC with the goal of reducing poverty in countries by expanding decent work opportunities.
  • PaCT: We are implementing this for reducing energy uses in our textile operation.
  • STWI: A buyer (Asmara) recommended project for reducing energy uses within the facility.
  • IPA: Work progression & productivity toolkit project financed by IFC through Better Work Bangladesh which aims at women empowerment at production level in RMG sector.
  • CPI2: Involved with this project as per customer requirement (s. oliver) for reducing the energy usage in overall operation process.

Compliance Facilities

  • Medical Center: Well equipped medical center & commitment of better health services for all employees working within the complex.
  • Day Care: Modern & well furnished child care center for supporting the mothers during the work period.
  • Environmental aspect & impact analysis
  • Chemical Management System:
    • Chemical Management Requirements
      • Buyers’ COC
      • Local Law
    • Practice at Fakir Apparels Limited

Policy & Commitment

  • As per buyer’s requirements, Suppliers must have a policy for monitoring and controlling restricted substances, and train staff on how to implement this policy.
  • As per ZDHC guideline (Section-1), Organization should have written chemical management policy statement from senior management with indicating Where the CMS is Applicable.
  • As per ILO Chemical Convention-170, Bangladesh Law all chemical substances have to be purchased, handled, stored, used and disposed in a way which has minimum risk and less adverse effect on environment.

Commitment of FAL

FAL maintains a monthly updated CIL as per buyer MRSL and communicate all MRSL & RSL with its suppliers and collect declaration letter as per buyer MRSL & RSL. See Details



Truly believing in environmental sustainability and aligned with vision, Fakir Apparels Ltd. is committed to environmental leadership in all of its business activities. Policies are implemented to ensure safe and healthy workplace for our employees. Protection of the environment, conservation of energy and natural resources are our priority – with these policies in place, we are committed to a future environment promoting the health and well-being of the upcoming generations.

In order to meet all the environmental compliance standards of the RMG industry, an EMS (Environment Management System) has been established at FALThe monitoring body has been formed with the goal of ensuring that our working policies and decisions are focused not only towards the protection of the environment but also towards minimization of waste and optimum resource consumption.


Utility Data At FAL



Areas of Focus

  • Chemical Management Requirements
    • Buyers’ COC
    • Local Law
  • Practices at Fakir Apparels Limited

Policy & Commitment

  • As per buyers requirements, suppliers must have a policy for monitoring and controlling restricted substances, and trained staff on how to implement these policies.
  • As per ZDHC guideline (Section-1), the organization should have written chemical management policy statements from senior management with indication of where the CMS is applicable.
  • As per ILO Chemical Convention-170, Bangladesh Law, all chemical substances have to be purchased, handled, stored, used and disposed in a way that has minimum risk and less adverse effect on the environment.

Commitment of FAL

  • FAL maintains a monthly updated CIL as per buyer MRSL and communicate all MRSL & RSL with its suppliers and collect declaration letter as per buyer MRSL & RSL.

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