Our Lab is managed Independently by Brachi Testing Services from Italy. Brachi has strong presence in Italy, China, India and now in Bangladesh through a joint partnership with Fakir Testing services. Our services offer physical and testing services in Dhaka and Narayanganj. We are independently nominated by various British and European brands for physical and chemical tests, it’s a strong testimony of our independent services.


Ensuring yarn quality is crucial in the quality control process – we do this by validating yarn count, twist, CSP, evenness before it enters the knitting stage. We conduct a dimensional stability test prior to knitting, to ensure that fabric shrinkage and twisting is within customer thresholds after washing. Additionally we do colour fastness, pilling, gsm, bursting strength, button pull tests and other tests at various stages to monitor physical quality control throughout the manufacturing process.


Computerized, 72 head, Tajima-made embroidery machines are used for placements, logos, and all over embroideries. Sequence attachment, appliqués, chenille, cord embroidery are all doable in our facility.


Chemical testing is a crucial part of quality control in terms of providing accurate color recipes for fabric dyeing processes and the detection and elimination of restrictive substance from the total supply chain. These are tests like formaldehyde, pH, PVC, Azo, Phthalate, Chlorinated phenol, Organotin, Nickel, Lead, Cadmium, Chromium and other heavy metals.