In 2018 we ventured into woven & outerwear garment manufacturing. Our 28 sewing line plant is equipped with the most advanced utility and woven & outerwear garment operation machines. Our diverse product capability extend from swim shorts, washed bottoms and washed jackets to heavy outerwear jackets and coats, like- padded jackets, seam sealed jackets and pants, parka jackets and down and real down jackets. Some of our special equipment are Template Quilting machinesDown Filler Machines and Seam Seal Machines. Our some of the woven customers are C&A, Celio, LC Waikiki, LPP, COS & Gerry Weber. Our design focused philosophy is our key differentiator hence we have taken our designs close to our customers. Our woven design team is located in the UK and work closely with our sourcing hub in China to develop and design collection focused on trending materials and styles, they are a short flight away from our customers. In our first year of operations we exported 1.5 million units, in the course of next 3 years we have projected to grow our woven division by 150%.


Printing department has a capacity of 1,30,000 units per day. Our key capabilities are Pigment print, Rubber print, Foil print, Flock print, Puff print, Metallic Print, High density print, Discharge print, Glitter print, Silicon print and Photo print. Our Embroidery unit has a capacity of 18,000 units/day specializing in Flat Embroiderycolor sequins embroidery and specially 6 color chenille embroidery.


The washing plant caters to our Knits and woven garment with a capacity of 26000 units per day. Our capabilities ranges are Garments silicon wash, Garments Enzyme wash, Garments Burnout wash, Indigo Garments Heavy wash, Garments Crinkle wash, Garments pigment dyeing, Garments neon dyeing, Garments Cool pigment dyeing, Garments Direct dyeing & acid wash, Garment Deep Dye etc.