In the age of fashion and trends our business would be irrelevant without a strong and competent design and sourcing wing. In our quest to offer value to our partners we have a 14000 square feet of world class design studio with teams of designers equipped with CLO 3D design, VSR and WGSN for research and development. 3D CLO and VSR has significantly reduced our dependency on physical samples and improved our design visualization which is a seamless process to communicate ideas to our customers and reduce lead time of sampling. To be closer to our customers our design team has spread its wings to Europe, our designers in Europe constantly study trends and collaborate with our local team to develop collection. Fashion without the right materials would be incomplete hence our sourcing Hub in China and Taiwan provides access to a wider range of fabrics and trims that are beyond our core capability.


Our Lab is manAaged Independently by Brachi Testing Services from Italy. Brachi has strong presence in Italy, China, India and now in Bangladesh through a joint partnership with Fakir Testing services. Our services offer physical and testing services in Dhaka and Narayanganj. We are independently nominated by various British and European brands for physical and chemical tests, it’s a strong testimony of our independent services.


Computerized, 72 head, Tajima-made embroidery machines are used for placements, logos, and all over embroideries. Sequence attachment, appliqués, chenille, cord embroidery are all doable in our facility.


Adding colour to your product, without harming the environment; is done consistently and efficiently at our dyeing plant. Equipped with third generation cutting edge dyeing machines from Sclavos and Thies, we are able to maintain all the required quality and efficiency parameters.