We offer a range of ornamentation facilities like, prints, stone, embroidery; washes are available to meet your requirements of value addition to the garments.


Printing machines from globally renowned companies, M&R, Schenk- Spider, Alpha 8, that enhances processes with precision and speed. Experimental styles and new techniques are constantly being explored to stay on top of the fashion trends in collaboration with the R&D team. We continuously explore new chemicals, solutions and accessories in global sourcing markets to support our customers with the best possible quality consistently.
Flock, foil, puff, rubber, high density, crack, water based, discharge, stone setting and many more print techniques are available with high-tech machines and skill.


Computerized, 72 head, Tajima-made embroidery machines are used for placements, logos, and all over embroideries. Sequence attachment, appliqués, chenille, cord embroidery are all doable in our facility.


To match the international trends for pigment wash, acid wash, oil wash, gel wash, rainbow wash, glitter wash, burnout wash, spray, snow wash, rain wash – our wash department is fully equipped with the latest internationally standardized machines, such as OMI-Italy, to maintain quality standards and uniformity.


  • Print: 130,000 pcs per day
  • Wash: 20,000 pcs per day
  • Embroidery: 15,000 pcs per day or 30 million stitches/day