Latest generation of circular knit machines from Mayer & Cie, Fukuhara and Jiunn Lung that sets standards in development and design are available at Fakir Apparels. These latest models from the respective brands have been enhanced with regard to higher efficiency, production reliability and flexibility. The knitting team utilizes all the functions available to create new fabric structures. Knit Tuck Miss are used in various permutations and combination at create unique structures. Textile engineers ensure that the needle and sinker movements are precisely controlled in every stage of the stitch-forming process. Our fabric ranges from single jersey, plaited jersey, bonded jersey, single lactose, pique, rib, plaited rib, variegated rib, ottoman rib, flat back rib, waffle, micro waffle, interlock, designer interlock, engineering stripe, fleece, terry and other derivatives for a diversified product mix.

Total number of circular machines: 117
Flat bed Knitting Machine: 10


Fleece 10000 kg/day
Rib/ Interlock 5000 kg/day
Engineering Stripe 1000 kg/day
S/J, Lycra S/J, Pique, Lacoste, variations 14000 kg/day
Total 30000 kg/day

Our service

Located only an hour and a half away from the international airport Dhaka, FAL is set up to meet your requirements of a quality manufacturing of knit garments of all categories like casual, active wear and basics in menswear and womenswear.